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Auto Insurance Brokers

Looking for an Auto Insurance Broker or agent? Wondering what the difference is? In a nutshell, agents work for someone else, usually an insurance company. Brokers are independent and only work for their clients. Auto Insurance brokers don't represent anyone but themselves. So, using the services of a broker means you have an independent source for all the different carriers, without a bias toward any one particular carrier. An independent auto broker is paid by the insurance companies at a preset rate or fee, which they are required by law to show to you, the client, before you sign any papers. Because it suits the broker's business best, your broker intentionally does not have a favorite or preferred insurance carrier. What matters most to your auto insurance broker is finding the right coverage for you at the right price for you. Auto Insurance brokers depend on good referrals to build their businesses. They will get paid so matter what kind of coverage you choose, so your overall satisfaction is the broker's priority. If you're happy with the broker and the insurance you finally choose, you're more likely to pass on that broker's name to your friends. It's a pretty good deal, really. They do all the hard work and focus on getting you the best deal, while you sit back and relax, knowing you'll be driving safely and with the best coverage.